About Us

Tourist Information Center Co., Ltd, is a long established (more than 10 years) company in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a trustworthy partner to local enterprises wishing to grow in an ever more competitive international and online environment.

Our partners provide you with excellent accommodation, original Pad Thai, European breakfast, tickets to real Muay Thai fights, train ticket booking service for those who are francophone, train ticket booking for anglophones, elephant riding in a respectful for the animals setting, trekking and visiting tours for the independent traveler in Chiang Mai and a cheap and comfortable laundry service.

We care about the way tourism is done nowadays and we are committed to improving the tourism experience in Thailand, as much for the tourist as for the locals here. Our partner network isĀ focused on fair-trade tourism and, with professionalism and dedication, we make sure that the benefits of your travel through Thailand don’t go only into the pockets of large companies, but into the pocketsĀ of those whose land you’re actually walking. All lives matter.

By choosing the products from our partners, you can make sure that your holiday, a time of relaxation and enjoyment, makes a real difference into the lives of those you meet during your journey. Our partners are committed to the principles of sustainability and take into account environmental issues such as pollution, equitable treatment of others and of animals equally.

In terms of fairness, we consider it a matter of business ethics to offer fair prices by not surcharging tourists with fees or prices “farang” (the Thai word for foreigner). This is a wide-spread practice among Thai companies and we find it unacceptable. We made sure our partners offer fair prices for all their products.


Our Partners